O-WEEK 2019



The Theme -

Beyond the iconic characters and colorful decoration opportunities, the story of the Wizard of Oz provides a lot of parallels with this transitory time in your life. Rice has a myriad of opportunities, and O-Week will be the first time for you to really begin your paths at Rice - and start finding the “yellow brick road” you will follow during your time here.

There is no way we could show you everything Rice has to offer in just one week, BUT we hope that O-Week will expose you to a real “whirlwind” of information academically (to help you and your Brain) and socially so that you can have the Courage to pursue new endeavors (academic and not) while feeling supported in your Heart by the amazing Baker community that will soon surround you.

Somewhere Over the RainbO-Week really captures the idea that everything around you is bright and new and “colorful”, and there is not one set path pre-planned for you. Basically, your Baker and Rice experience will be anything you want to make of it, and we want O-Week to be a welcoming introduction to your new home. After all, “there’s no place like home,” and we absolutely cannot wait to welcome you to your new home at Baker and at Rice!