Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) are an integral part of the advising community at Rice, they live right alongside you in your residential college! Your PAAs serve as familiar and approachable contacts who can answer questions and point you in the right direction if they cannot answer a detailed question.

Annum Sadana.jpg

ANnum Sadana

Head PAA

Class of 2020

Majors: Neuroscience and Policy Studies

Minor: Ciochemistry and Cell Biology


Julia Wang.jpg

Julia Wang

Head PAA

Class of 2019,

Majors: Economics and History of Architecture 

Civic Leadership Certificate


Alex Du.jpg

ALex Du

Head PAA

Class of 2019

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

 Minor: Financial Computation and Modeling

Baker PAAs

Serena Agrawal: Class of 2019, Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minors: Global Health Technologies and Engineering Design (

John Michael Austin: Class of 2019, Major: Cognitive Science Minors: Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Spanish, Pre-Med (

Sriparna Sen: Class of 2019, Majors: Cognitive Science and Visual and Dramatic Arts, Minor: Neuroscience, Pre-Med (

Eliza Martin: Class of 2019, Majors: Political Science, History, and Latin American Studies, Pre-Law (

Haley Gao: Class of 2020, Major: Computer Science, Minor: Financial Computation and Modeling (

David Senter: Class of 2020, Majors: Computer Science and Linguistics (

Cannon Armistead: Class of 2020, Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Business (

Erin Kilbride: Class of 2020, Majors: Chemistry and Economics, Pre-Med (

Eli Mensing: Class of 2020, Majors: Political Science and Economics (

Rebecca Francis: Class of 2020, Majors: Computational and Applied Mathematics and Political Science (

Hatim Amiji: Class of 2020, Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Minor: Anthropology (

Varsha Varghese: Class of 2021, Major: Psychology, Minor: Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Pre-Med (

Pranav Khemka: Class of 2021, Major: Bioengineering, Pre-Med (

Spoorthi Kamepalli: Class of 2021, Major: Social Policy Analysis, Minor: Business, Pre-Med (

Saniya Gayake: Class of 2021, Major: Anthropology (

Joshua Anil: Class of 2021, Majors: Biochemistry and Cell Biology and English, Pre-Med (