Baker O-Week 2019:

Somewhere Over the RainbO-Week


Dear Baker Class of 2023,

Welcome to Rice and more importantly, welcome to Baker! Baker will very soon become your new home and we are so excited for you to become part of our family. Let us introduce ourselves: We are David, Saniya, and Madeleine, and we are the student Coordinators for Baker College’s O-Week 2019. We have been eagerly awaiting and preparing for your arrival since January, and we are so excited to finally meet you!!!

Continue scrolling down this page to read about Baker College and what O-Week is. Afterwards, go to the O-Week Book page to learn more this year’s O-Week theme: Somewhere Over the RainbO-Week. Continue to check back in to that page because it will constantly be updated with more information.

In the upcoming days, the O-Week Book will be posted in that tab. Be sure to download the O-Week Book when it is posted. The O-Week Book is incredibly important, so be sure to read all of it. It has information about how to get to Baker on the first day of O-Week, what to pack for college, letters from the Baker Adult Team, and insightful tips from yours truly!

See y’all soon!


With August 18th just around the corner, we wanted to be the first (but certainly not the last) to welcome you to our college and yours: Baker.


No other college can compare: we are the oldest, the classiest, and the best. Baker always comes first, whether you’re going by founding order, alphabetical order, or magnitude of awesomeness. We’re constantly changing and creating new traditions at Baker, and that’s where you come in.  It might seem far off and vague, but you really are the future of this college. We hope you find a community at Baker, one in which you laugh, work, enjoy, care, and think to yourself “there’s no place like home!”


So what is

Baker O-Week?

Every year, a new group of students joins our Baker family and gets the chance to experience the excitement, thrill, challenge, and transformation of Rice and Baker, and it all starts with O-Week. This is a week that marks the beginning of what we hope will be some of the most inspiring, intellectually challenging, and formative years of your lives. Check out the ‘O-Week 2019’ tab to learn about this year’s O-Week as well as to download the O-Week Book!

Countdown to O-Week 2019: